Earth Fabrics is a research-based design study that integrates earth as a wearable substance, built directly onto one’s body.

As our memories of universal connectedness are reignited through earth materiality for architectural contemporaries, Earth B allows this technology to be worn to heal ourselves and our sacred connections to the Earth. Earthen Mud Skins opens up the possibilities of improving circular systems within garment construction and calls into question what types of garments are constructed to shape our day-to-day experiences of productivity, mindfulness and meditation.

Using the sculptural abilities of clay soils, the Earthen Mud Skins project considers the possibilities provided by natural substances while catalyzing a universal consciousness that transcends the ego limitations of Anthropocentrism. Wearing earth materials bridges our intimate connection to all that is alive, including the soil itself and its vivacious microbiomes and bacteria that live within the uniquely differentiated soil composites. Through a unique and ever-expanding garment production, this project functions by drawing from the most abundant resource available to us—Earth itself.

2022 – ongoing
Natural Materials Lab
research assistants:
Penmai Chongtoua
Yunha Choi, Changbin Kim
Penmai Chongtoua, Priya Sahdev