EPIC Emerging Production in Construction

Can we investigate a form generation that is inspired by biological processes of social insects and how can this production mode be manifested using BIM and Virtual Reality?

This project, called EPIC, was informed by swarm construction systems, aimed to catalyze a more efficient, decentralized production control. Human construction processes were simulated using geometrical biomimicry inspired by Laptothorax ants colonies. Looking at principles of the biological process and how insect build their structures as they self organize, this simulation was designed to construct a building following an initial rule-set, as construction entities ccordinate their actions using Stigmergy. Stigmergy is a form of indirect communication which uses environmental modifications as cues. As building material is assembled, the local environment of the builders is altered in such a way as to encourage appropriate behaviors.

This is effective, because the coordination is closely tied to the work itself. This observation led to a series of studies that investigated new intersections of digital construction tools using BIM, Virtual Reality, gaming and agent based modeling, and EPIC was in this cross section.

2010 – 2012
Master’s Thesis
Rafael Sacks, Yasha J. Grobman