The IN District is an urban, financial, and strategic proposal that preserves and celebrates the industrial history of the Chicago North Branch area.

The overall goal of the IN District is to revitalize the area by tapping into its original life source: to preserve and enhance the existing industrial activity in the area while evolving it into a vibrant and diverse community.

The IN District's financial proposal is accomplished by a suite of public-private partnerships with local organizations to foster mutually beneficial tie-ups that are bound in a finance-based collaboration. Additionally, the redevelopment project proposes a strategic re-zoning that gives rise to a local and regional vibrant transportation network. The IN District proposes a 4-tier strategic development plan, providing 8,500 new jobs and achieving a 30% leveraged Internal Rate of Return (IRR). The proposal is strategically divided into four phases that introduce powerful and balanced mixed uses.

2016 - 2017
Urban Land Institute, competition finalist
Chicago, IL
Ernest Bellamy, Shannon Iacino, Shruti Gowri Srikar, Varun Patel