The project "土地 earth ארץ" was a trilogy of installations that questioned art trade and equity in a global era.

Exhibited in Israel and China in 2013-2014, the project was composed from a multi-step multi-scalar process. A piece of Israeli land was divided to 1,000 pieces following a Google Map algorithm. A photo was taken in each of the 1,000 plots of land, aiming to capture the terrain and vegetal landscape. Each of the photos were then re-interprated through an in-person collaboration with six artists from Yiwu International Trade City in China, who work at a local Chinese factory.

The project attempted to create a de-politicized and objectified Israeli landscapes by extracting contested land from its local context. It also aimed to create a non-repetative and identified signed artwork in collaboartion with the sweatshop artists, who implemented their design decision-making in the images. This work asks to bring to the forefront art made by oftentimes anonymized and de-identified people, asking questions about the political and socio-cultural role of art making.

Fall 2012
art.espionage, co-curator
Haifa Museum of Art Tel-Aviv Dizengoff Center, Shanghai Meilun Gallery